History and Sociology

  • British Empire

    Fabrice Bensimon

    In a short and concise manner, this book puts forward a definitive account of the impact of the British Empire on the world at large and how, in turn, it changed Britain itself. Less than one percent of the world’s landmass and its population that is Britain controlled nearly a quarter of the world’s geography and a quarter of mankind.  How did the British manage to create and rule an empire of such gigantic proportions? These pages attempt an answer.

    295.00 | 9.99
  • Beyond The Veil: Muslim Women in South Asia

    Sanjukta Das, Monalisa Jha
    edited by Sanjukta Das and Monalisa Jha

    This record of the lives of Muslim women, within and beyond the veil, is an important contribution to the fields of sociology, history, economics, women's studies, literature and culture. It reevaluates renowned women achievers, reformers and revolutionaries, and retrieves from obscurity unsung, unknown women whose daily fights need to be understood. This book presents a collection of essays that cover the ground conditions in various South Asian nations today as well as their recent history. The contributors are academics, activists, freedom fighters, fieldworkers and committee chairs from India and Bangadesh. This rich spectrum is reflected in the scope of the essays dealing with education, employment, politics and social practices. It maps a story of Muslim women's oppressions and resistances, marginalizations and participations, and highlights important shifts in perspectives.

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  • Jassa Singh Ahluwalia of Punjab 1718-1783

    Sumant Dhamija

    These pages describe the riveting history of Punjub's struggle for freedom and sovereignty. A key role was played by Jassa Singh and his fellow misl sardars who came into conflict, principally with Ahmad Shah Abdali 'Durrani', King of Afghanistan. Inspired by Guru Govind Singh, Jassa Singh united the panth, leading the Sikh army to ultimate victory. The people of Punjub look up to him as the warrior-saint. 

    899.00 | 20.99
  • Bangla Sambadpatrer 200 Bachhar (Dittwia Khanda)

    Ashoke Sengupta | Dr. Partha Chattopadhyay | Snehasish Sur

    200.00 | 6.99
  • Bangla Sambadpatrer 200 Bachhar

    Ashoke Sengupta | Dr. Partha Chattopadhyay | Snehasish Sur

    400.00 | 9.99
  • Global Environmental History

    J. B. Fressoz

    Worldwide human societies are struggling with the disastrous effects that man's unbridled economic growth has brought to our planet. GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY is a concise account of the diverse ways in which environment has been destroyed and reshaped by man. The authors discuss the development of 'Environmental History' as a discipline and go on to document the various historical periods and phenomena where environmental damage was caused. They discuss the havoc European imperial forces created in the Americas and how the conquest of Americas by Europeans had unleashed ecological imperialism. They also discuss how environment was destroyed and reshaped during industrialization in England and France. The book discusses the environmental history of the world from the Americas to Europe to Asia and Africa. In a short span of a hundred and fifty pages it unravels the long history of environment and how a handful of militarily and economically powerful nations have created unimaginable damage to environment with devastating impacts. The book will act as an in-depth informative guide for researchers of environment as well as students of history, sociology, economics, world politics and is a fascinating introduction to the subject for any lay reader.

    225.00 | 7.99
  • History and Literature

    Ashin Das Gupta

    How do history and literature relate to one another, where do they converge, and where do they diverge? This relatively small text on History and Literature by Ashin Das Gupta throws up ideas on these questions and explores an entire gamut of ideas that constitute conceptions of history and of literature. He takes the reader through his readings and thoughts on Indian and western writers and texts. His analysis and reflections sensitize us to the nuances of historical thinking and literary imagination. In a short span of less than hundred pages a world of thousand conceptions unfolds for the reader.

    150.00 | 7.99