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  • Jassa Singh Ahluwalia of Punjab 1718-1783

    These pages describe the riveting history of Punjub's struggle for freedom and sovereignty. A key role was played by Jassa Singh and his fellow misl sardars who came into conflict, principally with Ahmad Shah Abdali 'Durrani', King of Afghanistan. Inspired by Guru Govind Singh, Jassa Singh united the panth, leading the Sikh army to ultimate victory. The people of Punjub look up to him as the warrior-saint. 

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  • The Poetics of Land

    The Poetics of Land is the result of Marc Hatzfeld’s personal journey of discovery where West Bengal became a microcosm in his attempts to understand the mythic notions of land in the context of globalised development. It was first conceived in 2008 when Marc was living in Calcutta and became involved in the debates triggered by the dramatic events of Nandigram concerning landless peasants and sharecroppers who fought for their survival on the land where they had lived for centuries-a land coveted by industrial projects for the sake of development. Over the next six years, Marc interviewed West Bengal’s farmers, poets, corporate executives, economists, artists, film makers, writers, activists and politicians. What emerged is a fascinating look into the conflict between the ideas of growth and development which is both timely and relevant.

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  • Burmese Portraits

    A taxi driver who laments the decayed look of downtown Yangon, a nineteen year old girl who finds romance in far away Norway through an internet game, an artist who wants to make his voice heard after the 1988 student movement, a young girl whose mother is dead and whose father is in prison, a eighteen year old boy who finds a job in a hotel only to be severely bruised in his work experience – these are some of the nineteen lives of ordinary Burmese that Sebastien Ortiz captures in this book. There is a thread that connects these nineteen lives. They all gravitate around the Shwedagon, the great golden pagoda in Yangon that is at the core of the Burmese spiritual experience. These portraits are also of a people who have experienced repression and a land yearning for freedom. Ortiz's pen captures a rare beauty in a land and its people. Burmese Portraits brings alive the million hopes of ordinary Burmese and even more paints the many colours in which the ever evocative Shwedagon touches lives of the ordinary man and woman.

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  • Gandhi : Birth Of A Mahatma

    Books on Gandhi's life are a plenty. But for the first time a novel traces the making of the Mahatma. This novel follows Mahatma Gandhi's life from his childhood days to his return from South Africa in 1915. One would not meet an upright leader of an un-free nation in this book, but someone who learned to stick to his ideal of truth amidst a thousand sufferings. Inspiring in its content and true to its facts, this novel would make the readers come face to face with a little man who learned to make his ways in hostile circumstances and adverse situations. And, in course of time, became the Father of the Nation.

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