• Mother Teresa A Life

    Written lucidly and with love for Mother Teresa's mission of serving the poorest of the poor, this book is more than a biography. What makes this book extra-ordinary is, the real life scenes from Mother Teresa's work for Calcutta's poor, her and her sisters' service to the suffering humanity, a service done with love. It is the love in the work of the Missionaries of Charity that this book marvelously encapsulates. It is a testimony to a live dynamic kind European Christian missionary's lifelong work for Calcutta's poor and suffering humanity in all societies. In forty-one chapters the book unravels the life and work of a world citizen who made Calcutta her home and the poor of the world her family.

    199.00 | 7.99
  • সেনানায়ক নেতাজী (Senanayak Netaji)

    নেতাজীর আজাদ হিন্দ ফৌজের গঠন ও পরিচালনার পিছনে যে বিপ্লববাদী চেতনা ও স্বাধীন ভারতের স্বপ্ন, তার সূত্রপাত হয়েছিল তাঁর ছেলেবেলাতেই। সেই চেতনাকে সুস্পষ্ট পরিকল্পনামাফিক বাস্তবে রূপ দেওয়ার মাধ্যমেই তাঁর সেনানায়ক হয়ে ওঠা। সুদূর জার্মানি থেকে দক্ষিণ-পূর্ব এশিয়া, দিল্লি অভিযান, ইম্ফল-কোহিমার রণক্ষেত্র, বর্মা সীমান্ত এবং আরও বিভিন্ন কর্মসূচির মধ্যে দিয়ে সুভাষচন্দ্র বসু-র সেনানায়ক নেতাজী হয়ে ওঠার যাত্রাই এই বইতে লিপিবদ্ধ করেছেন কর্নেল ভূপাল লাহিড়ি। সঙ্গে রয়েছে বিভিন্ন সময়ে নানা পত্রপত্রিকায় প্রকাশিত ছবি, প্রবন্ধ, খবরাখবর। ১৯৬৫ থেকে ৭১ সালে পাকিস্তানের সাথে যুদ্ধের সেনানায়ক কর্নেল লাহিড়ি নানা সূত্র থেকে সংগ্রহ করেছেন বহু অজানা তথ্য। মিলিটারি ইতিহাসের পাঠকের কাছে কর্নেল লাহিড়ির এই মূল্যায়ন নেতাজী সুভাষচন্দ্র বসুর আজীবন কর্মযজ্ঞের ঐতিহাসিক দলিল হয়ে ওঠে।

    300.00 | 9.99
  • Ghosts Of Calcutta

    Calcutta lends itself to fact and to fiction. Writers explore the city’s history, novelists create their cast of characters with the city as the backdrop. But few weave fact and fiction as magically as Sebastien Ortiz. Ghosts of Calcutta is a play of histories, lives, myths. Here fact overlaps fiction, fiction meanders along the lanes of past. The lanes of past are lined by palaces in ruins, that create a past in the present. The present too is a play of lives and loves. Ghosts have haunted Calcutta as long as the city’s memory goes. A young boy is killed in a duel between two Englishmen, the wife of the Commander of the British Indian Army declines and dies, a policeman is killed during an eruption of communal violence, the director of the Government Art College dies out of love for the female body. Numerous buildings of colonial Calcutta are today the haunted site of ghosts. Ortiz goes on the ghostly trail of the men, women, buildings that constitutes the many pasts of Calcutta. He also pens the life of a Bengali man, a lover of France, who loses his wife and lives an existence that is ghost of his vibrant past. Many lives crisscross, the poor Christan maid servant, her beautiful young daughter Rosemarie live pages across from the Bengalis in love with Dover Lane music conference. As one grapples with life and love of Calcutta, Ghosts of Calcutta meanders through a city that is present in the past and weaves a narrative that is as magical as real. In the novel, we come across lines from Borges, where he says, India is bigger than the world. The protagonist of this novel feels, if that was so, then Calcutta is bigger than India. Could it be true!

    399.00 | 9.99
  • Calcutta Lens and Bylanes

    Laura Amalir has walked her lanes and bylanes of Calcutta for five years. Her lens has captured many well-known and many lesser known facets of the city. In the following pages she takes us through the green of botanical gardens, the riot of colour of flower market next to the Howrah Bridge, the exquisite craftsmanship of Kumartuli potters, the grandeur of the remaining mentions in North Calcutta and to the faded monuments British Raj in the Dalhousie Square. Later we stop at the College Street Coffee House to sip a hot coffee and witness intellectual debates take a walk through the arterial road of Chowringhee and reflect for a moment at the Park Street Cemetery. While there is silent in the Cemetery, Park Street itself Bustles with sound and charming night light. And not far from there is one of the oldest markets of the city which still calls itself New Market. After a tour a Jain Temple in North Calcutta a magnificent church and the iconic Victoria Memorial, the photographer winds down in the calm waters of the Rabindra Sarobar Lakes in South Calcutta.

    Rarely we find the writer and an artist in the same person, Amalir paints the texts of the photos that she frames. As a publishing house, it is a great feeling for us Sampark to present the volume to readers, travelers and Calcutta lovers.

    499.00 | 13.99