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  • Ghosts Of Calcutta

    Sebastien Ortiz

    Calcutta lends itself to fact and to fiction. Writers explore the city’s history, novelists create their cast of characters with the city as the backdrop. But few weave fact and fiction as magically as Sebastien Ortiz. Ghosts of Calcutta is a play of histories, lives, myths. Here fact overlaps fiction, fiction meanders along the lanes of past. The lanes of past are lined by palaces in ruins, that create a past in the present. The present too is a play of lives and loves. Ghosts have haunted Calcutta as long as the city’s memory goes. A young boy is killed in a duel between two Englishmen, the wife of the Commander of the British Indian Army declines and dies, a policeman is killed during an eruption of communal violence, the director of the Government Art College dies out of love for the female body. Numerous buildings of colonial Calcutta are today the haunted site of ghosts. Ortiz goes on the ghostly trail of the men, women, buildings that constitutes the many pasts of Calcutta. He also pens the life of a Bengali man, a lover of France, who loses his wife and lives an existence that is ghost of his vibrant past. Many lives crisscross, the poor Christan maid servant, her beautiful young daughter Rosemarie live pages across from the Bengalis in love with Dover Lane music conference. As one grapples with life and love of Calcutta, Ghosts of Calcutta meanders through a city that is present in the past and weaves a narrative that is as magical as real. In the novel, we come across lines from Borges, where he says, India is bigger than the world. The protagonist of this novel feels, if that was so, then Calcutta is bigger than India. Could it be true!

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  • Burmese Portraits

    Sebastien Ortiz

    A taxi driver who laments the decayed look of downtown Yangon, a nineteen year old girl who finds romance in far away Norway through an internet game, an artist who wants to make his voice heard after the 1988 student movement, a young girl whose mother is dead and whose father is in prison, a eighteen year old boy who finds a job in a hotel only to be severely bruised in his work experience – these are some of the nineteen lives of ordinary Burmese that Sebastien Ortiz captures in this book. There is a thread that connects these nineteen lives. They all gravitate around the Shwedagon, the great golden pagoda in Yangon that is at the core of the Burmese spiritual experience. These portraits are also of a people who have experienced repression and a land yearning for freedom. Ortiz's pen captures a rare beauty in a land and its people. Burmese Portraits brings alive the million hopes of ordinary Burmese and even more paints the many colours in which the ever evocative Shwedagon touches lives of the ordinary man and woman.

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  • Love Divine

    Yunus Emre

    The book introduces English translations of forty devotional poems by Yunus Emre, the first representative of the classical Turkish mystic literature. Translated from the Turkish original, words and imagery in these poems revolve around divine love and spiritual quest. An introduction narrates the legendary life of Emre followed by an explanatory note on the metaphoric use of language in his poetry contributes to in-depth understanding. Yunus Emre’s Sufi poetry reinforces love and peace in the mind of a reader living in a world of conflict, strife and misunderstanding.

    Suna-Marija Franzen, translator of this book, is writing her doctoral thesis on Turkish literature at University of Helsinki. She has earlier translated Yunus Emre's poems also into Finnish and has researched Yunus' mysticism in her masters thesis. She is of Finnish-Turkish origin and presently live in Germany.

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  • Gandhi : Birth Of A Mahatma

    Arvin Ghosh

    Books on Gandhi's life are a plenty. But for the first time a novel traces the making of the Mahatma. This novel follows Mahatma Gandhi's life from his childhood days to his return from South Africa in 1915. One would not meet an upright leader of an un-free nation in this book, but someone who learned to stick to his ideal of truth amidst a thousand sufferings. Inspiring in its content and true to its facts, this novel would make the readers come face to face with a little man who learned to make his ways in hostile circumstances and adverse situations. And, in course of time, became the Father of the Nation.

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  • Global Environmental History

    J. B. Fressoz

    Worldwide human societies are struggling with the disastrous effects that man's unbridled economic growth has brought to our planet. GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY is a concise account of the diverse ways in which environment has been destroyed and reshaped by man. The authors discuss the development of 'Environmental History' as a discipline and go on to document the various historical periods and phenomena where environmental damage was caused. They discuss the havoc European imperial forces created in the Americas and how the conquest of Americas by Europeans had unleashed ecological imperialism. They also discuss how environment was destroyed and reshaped during industrialization in England and France. The book discusses the environmental history of the world from the Americas to Europe to Asia and Africa. In a short span of a hundred and fifty pages it unravels the long history of environment and how a handful of militarily and economically powerful nations have created unimaginable damage to environment with devastating impacts. The book will act as an in-depth informative guide for researchers of environment as well as students of history, sociology, economics, world politics and is a fascinating introduction to the subject for any lay reader.

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  • History and Literature

    Ashin Das Gupta

    How do history and literature relate to one another, where do they converge, and where do they diverge? This relatively small text on History and Literature by Ashin Das Gupta throws up ideas on these questions and explores an entire gamut of ideas that constitute conceptions of history and of literature. He takes the reader through his readings and thoughts on Indian and western writers and texts. His analysis and reflections sensitize us to the nuances of historical thinking and literary imagination. In a short span of less than hundred pages a world of thousand conceptions unfolds for the reader.

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  • Hillary Clinton

    Francois Clemenceau

    A book on Hillary Clinton would engage any reader interested as well in politics as in the life story of this wonder woman. This book catches the life and times of Hillary Clinton through nearly hundred short chapters. As it flows from A to Z, one comes across the worlds of Clinton. The book opens with a brief note by Christine Ockrent on this attempt to trace many shades of Hillary Clinton, followed by an introduction by the author. Clemenceau lists alphabetically all those people, institutions, ideologies, events and countries this global celebrity has interacted with and he goes on to rediscover a new Hillary Clinton with each chapter.

    350.00 | 9.99
  • Saint Teresa Of Calcutta

    Ritu Singh

    Looking through these pages one can visualize the way Mother Teresa lived in Calcutta and loved this city and its people. This tribute to Saint Teresa represents some moments of her life in paintings and photographs. Artist Ritu Singh knew Mother for five decades. These pages capture more than 50 paintings that reveal Mother and her life moments with short notes on each account by the artist herself. It also carries a bunch of photographs of the artist and her family with the revered Saint.  

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  • Calcutta Lens and Bylanes

    Laura Amalir

    Laura Amalir has walked her lanes and bylanes of Calcutta for five years. Her lens has captured many well-known and many lesser known facets of the city. In the following pages she takes us through the green of botanical gardens, the riot of colour of flower market next to the Howrah Bridge, the exquisite craftsmanship of Kumartuli potters, the grandeur of the remaining mentions in North Calcutta and to the faded monuments British Raj in the Dalhousie Square. Later we stop at the College Street Coffee House to sip a hot coffee and witness intellectual debates take a walk through the arterial road of Chowringhee and reflect for a moment at the Park Street Cemetery. While there is silent in the Cemetery, Park Street itself Bustles with sound and charming night light. And not far from there is one of the oldest markets of the city which still calls itself New Market. After a tour a Jain Temple in North Calcutta a magnificent church and the iconic Victoria Memorial, the photographer winds down in the calm waters of the Rabindra Sarobar Lakes in South Calcutta.

    Rarely we find the writer and an artist in the same person, Amalir paints the texts of the photos that she frames. As a publishing house, it is a great feeling for us Sampark to present the volume to readers, travelers and Calcutta lovers.

    499.00 | 13.99
  • Travels In French India

    Jean-Claude Perrier

    Jean Claude-Perrier, jurnalis, penulis, dan pengelana, membawa kami dalam perjalanan melalui Mahe di Kerala, Pondicherry dan Karikal di tanah Tamil, Yanaon di Andhra Pradesh, dan ke Chandernagore di Bengal. Ditulis sekitar tahun kelima puluh dari pemulihan koloni-koloni ke India, buku ini merupakan bagian dari perjalanan dan sebagian sejarah; itu gambar yang belum pernah ada sebelumnya tentang kota-kota yang pernah Perancis India.

    2017 adalah tujuh puluh tahun kemerdekaan India. Ini adalah momen untuk melihat kembali sejarah berbagai pengaruh yang menghanyutkan pantai India. Pengaruh bahasa Inggris, yang saat ini lebih dominan daripada yang lain, adalah salah satunya. Penting bagi bangsa ini untuk mengeksplorasi sumber-sumber lain yang berdampak pada kehidupan orang India. Jean Claude-Perrier membuka satu jendela seperti itu. Kita melihat dunia India Perancis, irisan kecil Prancis yang hidup di sudut-sudut India yang kurang dikenal. Dan, di bekas jajahan Perancis ini, Prancis juga hidup dengan pesan yang telah menginspirasi para pecinta kebebasan di India selama dua abad atau lebih:

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