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  • British Empire

    Fabrice Bensimon

    In a short and concise manner, this book puts forward a definitive account of the impact of the British Empire on the world at large and how, in turn, it changed Britain itself. Less than one percent of the world’s landmass and its population that is Britain controlled nearly a quarter of the world’s geography and a quarter of mankind.  How did the British manage to create and rule an empire of such gigantic proportions? These pages attempt an answer.

    295.00 | 9.99
  • Beyond The Veil: Muslim Women in South Asia

    Sanjukta Das, Monalisa Jha
    edited by Sanjukta Das and Monalisa Jha

    This record of the lives of Muslim women, within and beyond the veil, is an important contribution to the fields of sociology, history, economics, women's studies, literature and culture. It reevaluates renowned women achievers, reformers and revolutionaries, and retrieves from obscurity unsung, unknown women whose daily fights need to be understood. This book presents a collection of essays that cover the ground conditions in various South Asian nations today as well as their recent history. The contributors are academics, activists, freedom fighters, fieldworkers and committee chairs from India and Bangadesh. This rich spectrum is reflected in the scope of the essays dealing with education, employment, politics and social practices. It maps a story of Muslim women's oppressions and resistances, marginalizations and participations, and highlights important shifts in perspectives.

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  • Jassa Singh Ahluwalia of Punjab 1718-1783

    Sumant Dhamija

    These pages describe the riveting history of Punjub's struggle for freedom and sovereignty. A key role was played by Jassa Singh and his fellow misl sardars who came into conflict, principally with Ahmad Shah Abdali 'Durrani', King of Afghanistan. Inspired by Guru Govind Singh, Jassa Singh united the panth, leading the Sikh army to ultimate victory. The people of Punjub look up to him as the warrior-saint. 

    899.00 | 20.99
  • Treasury Management

    Tamal Datta Chaudhuri

    What is Treasury Management? How best to describe it? What are we managing? What set of functions define Treasury Management? What is the scope? The book tries to answer the above questions and shows that Treasury Management is not an aggregation of different functions, but Management with Perspective. The ability to move funds around into profitable ventures, weighing alternative investment avenues, gauging the macroeconomic state of the various economics and the relative strength of the currencies, understanding customer requirements, designing financial instruments, at the same time complying with regulatory requirements is quite challenging and requires perspective. The purpose of this book is to provide this perspective.
    The motivation behind the book was imparting understanding of treasury management from experience gathered while working in various departments of Industrial Investment Bank of India (formerly Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India), an All India Development Financial Institution, for over two decades.

    899.00 | 45.99
  • Understanding Finance

    Tamal Datta Chaudhuri

    Money matters, everyone is concerned about money. In an era of stock markets, mutual funds and numerous financial instruments, one is always looking for opportunities to make money. Which mutual fund is good? Where should you invest lump sum money received as performance bonus? What do you do when your fixed deposit has matured? More importantly, what should you do with your savings when bank interest rates are falling? For the common man, this book answers these questions. And for those who are active in stock markets, this book provides lucid analysis for stock market investing.

    Be it an ordinary woman or man trying to enhance earnings on her or his savings, or the retiree wanting to maximize her or his monthly income, or the market savvy stock broker, or even the banker or the student of finance; for everyone this book is a little Bible of Finance.

    495.00 | 15.00
  • The Crowded Streets of Fun

    Samyak Rai

    “It's all cold and dark here!” exclaimed Rudr.

    Kharee Bhat is an abandoned, haunted temple and Rudr isn't very comfortable with this fact. He is even having trouble coordinating with his maths teacher and the new principal of his school has been acting supernatural.

    Dr. Smith has been shot and whole of the city is in tears. Right after case is solved, Rudr lands himself into another big problem. A weekend brawl awaits him and now everything is at stake! Can he get through all these difficulties and get his name on the top?

    Dive into an extraordinary book, filled with adventures and mischiefs of Rudr, a 13 year old 'Army Brat' and experience something like never before.

    195.00 | 4.99
  • Women's Voices

    Parna Ghose
    edited by Parna Ghose

    This edited volume features a collection of twenty essays that looks at the position and 'construction' of 'woman' in history, politics, literature, art, and in society as a whole. It reveals how gender identities mesh with societal norms, and depicts women's struggles and achievements in their negotiations of the deeply ingrained structures of patriarchy. This anthology provides the reader with new critical perspectives of what is usually considered normal and given. Foregrounding socio-cultural mores and voicing shared concerns and visions, the authors analyze the condition of women in the past and in present times. The essays, divided into six sections, throw light on a spectrum of aspects of Women's Studies that display a distinct level of interdisciplinary scholarship.

    495.00 | 10.99
  • Mother Teresa A Life

    Sudeb Roy Chowdhury

    Written lucidly and with love for Mother Teresa's mission of serving the poorest of the poor, this book is more than a biography. What makes this book extra-ordinary is, the real life scenes from Mother Teresa's work for Calcutta's poor, her and her sisters' service to the suffering humanity, a service done with love. It is the love in the work of the Missionaries of Charity that this book marvelously encapsulates. It is a testimony to a live dynamic kind European Christian missionary's lifelong work for Calcutta's poor and suffering humanity in all societies. In forty-one chapters the book unravels the life and work of a world citizen who made Calcutta her home and the poor of the world her family.

    199.00 | 7.99
  • The Poetics of Land

    Marc Hatzfeld

    The Poetics of Land is the result of Marc Hatzfeld’s personal journey of discovery where West Bengal became a microcosm in his attempts to understand the mythic notions of land in the context of globalised development. It was first conceived in 2008 when Marc was living in Calcutta and became involved in the debates triggered by the dramatic events of Nandigram concerning landless peasants and sharecroppers who fought for their survival on the land where they had lived for centuries-a land coveted by industrial projects for the sake of development. Over the next six years, Marc interviewed West Bengal’s farmers, poets, corporate executives, economists, artists, film makers, writers, activists and politicians. What emerged is a fascinating look into the conflict between the ideas of growth and development which is both timely and relevant.

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  • Michel Foucault

    Jean Francois Bert

    In a hundred and fifty pages, this is essential Foucault. A must have for an academic and researcher in the social sciences. Michel Foucault can be counted as one of the greatest thinkers of twentieth century, his intellectual influence crossing over well into the twenty-first. His books, The Order of Things, Discipline and Punish, The Archeology of Knowledge, The Birth of the Clinic, Madness and Civilisation or the four-volume History of Sexuality have enlightened us on the relations between power and knowledge, on society's treatment of the insane, on the system of controls in the institution of hospital and on many such fascinating as well as deeply disturbing aspects of what we know as the modern world. Few can match his influence on the social sciences. In the tradition of French intellectuals like Jean-Paul Sartre, Foucault was an academic and a political activist. He researched, wrote and fought for causes he believed in, all at the same time. In this book, Jean-Francois Bert has provided a fantastic introduction to Foucault's thought.

    295.00 | 9.99