East and West in a Connected World

2019 marks twenty years of SAMPARK. It was in 1999 that we published the first Sampark title; it is now twenty years since. Translation has remained our principal focus; our aim has been to bring to readers in English, Bengali and Hindi the literary treasures of languages far and wide.

Our cooperation with Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Wales, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy and America keeps growing. While the West has influenced our publishing in the last many years now we start to 'look east'. We are proud to present one of the first Chinese books to be published by us. The Land of Tea by Wang Xufeng has crossed borders and has become a great success in India, which is also a land of tea.





Introductions is a new series from SAMPARK academic, where we have published concise yet comprehensive introductions to global themes and global thinkers. Some of the books in this series originated from French publishers; we have been working closely with France and French books in the past years. With great pleasure we showcase translations of French literature and social sciences published by us.

In our academic imprint we have several new titles stated for release between July and September. British Empire, Sociology of Globalization, The BRIC Economies, Sociology of Homosexuality, Revolt of the Educated, Beyond the Veil: Muslim Women in South Asia, South Asian Cosmopolitanisms, Politics and Religion in South Asia and Treasury Management will all be fine additions to Sampark's growing academic list.


Sunandan Roy Chowdhury | World Book Day | 23 April 2019