About Us

It was in 1999 that we published the first Sampark title, It is now eighteen years since. In these years Sampark has grown, we have published books by Indian authors, and author from Europe, Africa and America. Translation has remained our principal focus, we have endeavoured to bring to readers in English, Bengali and Hindi the literary treasures of languages far and wide.

While the West has influenced our publishing in the last many years now we start to ‘look east’. We are proud to present one of the first Chinese books to be published by us. The Land of Tea Wang Xufeng has crossed borders and has become a great success in India, which is also – at least in part – a land of tea.

Sampark has been working closely with France and French books in the Past Years. With great pleasure we welcome Bonjour India wherein we will get an opportunity to showcase translations of French literature and social sciences published by us. Our cooperation with Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Wales, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy and America keeps growing.

At a time when conflict between states and conflict itself are growing, translation and books can work toward building bridges for peace. While the world looks eastward for the spectacular rise of East Asia, let us bring to readers the world of ideas of both East and West, What better way to build peace, than through the world of books.