Biography and Memoirs

  • Mother Teresa A Life

    Sudeb Roy Chowdhury

    Written lucidly and with love for Mother Teresa's mission of serving the poorest of the poor, this book is more than a biography. What makes this book extra-ordinary is, the real life scenes from Mother Teresa's work for Calcutta's poor, her and her sisters' service to the suffering humanity, a service done with love. It is the love in the work of the Missionaries of Charity that this book marvelously encapsulates. It is a testimony to a live dynamic kind European Christian missionary's lifelong work for Calcutta's poor and suffering humanity in all societies. In forty-one chapters the book unravels the life and work of a world citizen who made Calcutta her home and the poor of the world her family.

    199.00 | 7.99
  • Gandhi : Birth Of A Mahatma

    Arvin Ghosh

    Books on Gandhi's life are a plenty. But for the first time a novel traces the making of the Mahatma. This novel follows Mahatma Gandhi's life from his childhood days to his return from South Africa in 1915. One would not meet an upright leader of an un-free nation in this book, but someone who learned to stick to his ideal of truth amidst a thousand sufferings. Inspiring in its content and true to its facts, this novel would make the readers come face to face with a little man who learned to make his ways in hostile circumstances and adverse situations. And, in course of time, became the Father of the Nation.

    799.00 | 17.99
  • Trekking Over Pebbles

    Mohan Kanda

    Batch' is used by pharmaceuticals to signify the year of manufacture. The Indian Administrative Service uses it, too, to signify the year of recruitment. One of the truly sparkling stars of our 'batch' of 1968, Mohan Kanda has gone on to become that on the IAS' sky as such.These pages twinkle with the recollections of extraordinary clarity narrated with a half-smile that does not allow its a wisdom to overawe or its many morals to pontificate. Verily, a treat. Gopal Gandhi Former Governor of West Bengal

    299.00 | 8.99