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  • Towards A Revolutionary Past

    All students and researchers interested in Indian history and in the philosophy and methodology of history in general would welcome this collection of essays by S. N. Mukherjee, a doyen of Indian historians. Soumyendra Nath puts together in this book essays written since 1985 on a variety of subjects, -- ranging from his contemporary intellectuals to nineteenth century Calcutta, the Derozians, Bankimchandra Chatterjee, or Sir William Jones, -- but the central thread holding it all together is an enquiring spirit interrogating historical writings. Very few of his generation of historians are with us any longer. These essays bring to us poignant memories of a generation of historians who formed as it were an invisible college spread across the world, dispersed in different institutions, working in different disciplinary specializations, but united by a common enterprise of developing Marxian approaches to history. That poignancy is captured very well in the title of this book which reminds us of the revolution in the past.

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  • Calcutta Lens and Bylanes

    Laura Amalir has walked her lanes and bylanes of Calcutta for five years. Her lens has captured many well-known and many lesser known facets of the city. In the following pages she takes us through the green of botanical gardens, the riot of colour of flower market next to the Howrah Bridge, the exquisite craftsmanship of Kumartuli potters, the grandeur of the remaining mentions in North Calcutta and to the faded monuments British Raj in the Dalhousie Square. Later we stop at the College Street Coffee House to sip a hot coffee and witness intellectual debates take a walk through the arterial road of Chowringhee and reflect for a moment at the Park Street Cemetery. While there is silent in the Cemetery, Park Street itself Bustles with sound and charming night light. And not far from there is one of the oldest markets of the city which still calls itself New Market. After a tour a Jain Temple in North Calcutta a magnificent church and the iconic Victoria Memorial, the photographer winds down in the calm waters of the Rabindra Sarobar Lakes in South Calcutta.

    Rarely we find the writer and an artist in the same person, Amalir paints the texts of the photos that she frames. As a publishing house, it is a great feeling for us Sampark to present the volume to readers, travelers and Calcutta lovers.

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  • Trekking Over Pebbles

    Batch' is used by pharmaceuticals to signify the year of manufacture. The Indian Administrative Service uses it, too, to signify the year of recruitment. One of the truly sparkling stars of our 'batch' of 1968, Mohan Kanda has gone on to become that on the IAS' sky as such.These pages twinkle with the recollections of extraordinary clarity narrated with a half-smile that does not allow its a wisdom to overawe or its many morals to pontificate. Verily, a treat. Gopal Gandhi Former Governor of West Bengal

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